Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Joe's 1988er Brave Warrior

Sprachlos! Ich hatte dieses Brave schon in mehreren Aufbaustufen gesehen, aber was Joe letztendlich daraus gemacht hat ist der absolute Hammer! Obwohl ein Repaint muss ich neidlos anerkennen, daß das eines der schönsten und perfekt aufgebautesten Bikes ist, die ich in den letzten Jahren gesehen habe. Allein schon die Anbauteile sind eine absolute Augenweide ... ein weißes (!) XC9000 Schaltwerk oder Marinovative Decelerator Brakes. Das ist ganz großes Tennis!

Aber lassen wir Joe mal selbst ein paar Worte zu diesem Schmuckstück sagen:

Hello Andreas, I bought the frame direct from Tom Teesdale. He told me that it was a prototype frame sent to him to copy for future Braves. The frame had traces of turquoise and white paint left on it and i have a picture in an old Mountain Bike Action magazine of a Brave Warrior test bike been ridden. The paint exactly the same has it was on my frame I think it could well be the same frame. It was built originally by Grove Innovations around 88.

The early Braves did not have a chainstay bridge on them and this was a problem area. Some cracked here! So i had the framebuilder at work weld me a bridge on the chainstays. It looks factory! I had been very lucky finding the IRD forks and Grove bar/stem combo and they fit in perfectly with the 88/89 build and Grove built frame.

The paintwork was a knightmare to re-create. No-boddy in the UK had done a splatter finish for around 15-20 years. Anyway the ivory white was done by my usual painter and the splatter was laid on by an unknown person. Ayway it turned out just has i wanted it too. And looks like it came straight from 1988.

I have used mainly Suntour XC9000 parts and i have a XC9000 Mech to fit yet. The brakes are super rare Marinovative Decellarators which i picked up locally NOS at a bike jumble.

It took me around 12-16 months to find all the parts and get the paintwork sorted and im so happy it turned out like this.

I just need a period bottle cage (Kingsberry etc ) and its all complete.

Glad you like it buddy,


Also, wer zufällig noch einen Kingsbery oder AmClassic Flaschenhalter aus den späten 80ern hat und ihn verkaufen möchte, kann mich gern kontaktieren!
Hier noch ein paar schöne Details:

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  1. Awesome stuff. All of it. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive! LOVED your stand at the Messe in March.

    Und was fuer dich, oder vielleincht kennst du jemand, der Interresse haette?: